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Our Model Homes

The Lusitano @ Shenandoah

Call Carlton Naumann Homes for pricing (239) 454-1333

3 bedrooms/3 1/2 bath
3,406 s.f. living

2,056 s.f. pool area

6,867 s.f. total area


• Per architectural and landscape guidelines

Substantial count of 12’ to 16’ trees (combination of live oak, shady lady, black olive, mahogany and slash pine)
Substantial count of 4’ to 8’ shrubs (combination of Torulosa Juniper, Lagustrom, Guava, Eugina and Hibiscus)
Substantial count of ground cover planters (Ixora, Juniper, Fern, Liriope, Thryallis etc.)
Well and sprinkler system
Bahia sod throughout front and side yards